free foil cheat sheet
5 Easy Ways to Wow Your Clients With Luxurious Foil
Cold foil, hot foil, digital foil... Learn how to create printed pieces that push the boundaries and wow your clients using foil - even on a tight budget or small print run!

Hi, I’m Sabine Lenz,

the founder of PaperSpecs. For more than a decade we’ve been helping designers and brand owners just like you create printed pieces that wow their clients.

As an award-winning designer with more than 25 years experience, I’ve been in your shoes and understand that you need the right information right now to make your work the best it can be. That’s what we provide every day at PaperSpecs.

And that’s why we created this Foil Cheat Sheet.
Ready to make your designs shine, even on a tight budget?
Then this is the guide you’ve been waiting for!
If you think your options are hot foil stamping or nothing,
you’re in for a big surprise.

You’re about to discover:
  • The 5 different foiling methods!
  • Papers best suited for each!
  • Pros and cons of each technique!
  • ​Your best options for short print runs!
  • ​How to create different foil effects in the same print run!
Surprise yourself
" with how diverse a technique
we all believe we know has really become."
Bill Gardner
Gardner Design
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